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The Undertaker at Work by Brian Parsons London Cemeteries: an illustrated guide and gazeteer by Hugh Mellor and Brian Parsons The Glades of Remembrance, Brookwood Cemetery by Brian Parsons, Erkin Guney and John Clarke The London Way of Death by Brian Parsons J H Kenyon: the first 125 years by Brian Parsons
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Committed to the Cleansing Flame by Brian Parsons From Brooke Street to Brookwood Brian Parsons Bunny France Frederick W Paine: the first 125 years by Brian Parsons State Funeral of Sir Winston Churchill W S Bond Evolution of the British Funeral Industry Funerary Practice in England & Wales T H Sanders & Sons London Cemeteries in Old Photographs


On this page I list my articles dealing with burial.

Igulada Cemetery’ (2000) IBCA Journal Vol 68 No1 pp50-51

‘Conflict or Collaboration’ (2001) IBCA Journal Vol 69 No 3 pp46-50

‘Malta: The English Influence Abroad’ (2004) ICCM Journal Vol 72 No 4 pp40-43

‘The Cemetery that Never was: Kingsbury Lawn Cemetery (2008) ICCM Journal Vol 76 No 4 pp23-32

“Lay her I’ the earth” (2011) ICCM Journal Vol  79 No 1 pp47-53

‘The Cemetery in Postcard’ (2011) ICCM Journal Vol 79 No 2 pp68-74

‘The Civilian War Graves in St Alban’s Burial Ground’ (2011) Necropolis News Vol 5 No4 Spring pp3-8

‘Kitchener: The Extraordinary Story of an Empty Coffin’ (2011) ICCM Journal Vol 79 No 3 pp60-63

‘A Nineteenth Century Initiative Continues: London proprietary cemeteries in the twentieth century’ (2012) ICCM Journal Vol 80 No 2 pp62-71

‘Being let down by the funeral director’ (2012) ICCM Journal Vol 80 No 1 pp 8-13

‘John Robertson: Portrait of the ‘Founding Father’ (2013) ICCM Journal Vol 81 No 4 pp16-29

‘The Early Years of the National Association’ (2013) ICCM Journal Vol 81 No 4 pp21-28

‘A Tale of Two Cemeteries - securing burial space in London during the inter-war period’ (2016) ICCM Journal Vol 84 No 3 pp54-65

‘Ninety Years On: The Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1926’ (2017) ICCM Journal Vol 85 No 2 pp56-59

Robertson at the City: Portrait of a Cemetery Superintendent’ (2018)

Genealogy Vol 2  No 3, 31

‘The Cemetery Chapel: A Very English Building’ ICCM Journal (2020) Vol 88 No 3 pp24-32


‘Following the Fortune of the Abney Park Cemetery Company’ 21st Cemeteries Colloquium, 6 November 2020